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Experienced Youth

Created in 2020, but with more than a decade of experience, Terrânica Portugal is driven by a team of extremely motivated people, with a lot of know-how, who give their best every day, in the production of vegetables and fruits with the highest recognized quality and the best service, produced under the Mediterranean sun.


We combine this will with a taste for doing things well, ethically, sustainably and environmentally friendly, and always with the utmost respect for all those involved in the process. From the farmer to the consumer, because we are also producers and consumers. These are our roots and they are as strong as the earth that sustains them.


The Terranica Portugal brand offers a variety of agricultural products, traditionally produced, with the knowledge of generations and the utmost respect for Nature. But we also want to innovate, maintaining the traditions of our lands and our knowledge, which the Mediterranean has shaped over the centuries.


The Terranica Berries brand works specifically with red fruits, within the same spirit that guides Terranica Portugal.


These are our roots, this is our future!

We are about 40 km from the city of Porto, in the north of Portugal, minutes from Sa Carneiro airport, the sea port of Leixões and served by the main highways that connect Portugal, north-south and anywhere in Europe. Although most of our farms are in the North of Portugal, today, our group of producers is spread across the country, from Minho to the Algarve, literally.

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The Cheers Group integrates 4 companies: BioCheers/ Ciclos e Escolhas / Dom da Terra / Fruta Encantada. It is organized into two basic areas: Production and Marketing.

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A verde - mapa de produção

A vermelho - zonas de mercado

Of the four companies that make up the Cheers Group, three ensure the production of fruit and vegetables, in Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Part of the holdings are of certified organic production. Others apply traditional and sustainable systems in total respect for the environment. In this way, Grupo Cheers guarantees production and consistency in responding to the needs of its customers, providing products with the highest quality and the best service.

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