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Terrânica Portugal | Terrânica Berries

Where the rich agricultural culture of the Mediterranean 

reveals itself in one of the most balanced and healthy

world diets.

Terrânica Portugal and Terrânica Berries are trademarks of Ciclos & Escolhas, a company, recent but with years of experience. NBoth arks result from the desire to bring the best of Mediterranean agriculture to the market -with a special focus on Portuguese agriculture - respecting the typical characteristics of each area, its ways of doing things, its customs, valuing and promoting harmony between the needs of the market and the balances of Nature.

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Cycles & Concepts, in turn, is part of the Cheers Group, a group created by a group of companies in the food sector, with the aim of helping each other to face the growing demands of a world undergoing dramatic change (learn more in “About us").

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